Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Chores
Oh, hoop-a-ding ! Time to tackle some chores that have waited the full week. Hubby is finishing the mowing today because he was rained out yesterday afternoon. (quite a gully waRsher) My main chore is to get out and clean the sills and patio area. I so want to get rid of our pipe furniture swing and replace it with something else. I have been on Craigslist looking for something else. Turns out I see a local person who sells brand new wood gliders, painted or unfinished. Me likey. It won't be hard to unload the old pipe-made swing and I can make a little $ back on it. There really isn't anything 'wrong' with it; it's just that it takes cushions and they are prone to getting plenty of rain each time it rains (no matter that it's undercover). Then the cushions get mildew on them SO fast. Looks awful. When I make the 'change', I'll certainly share the post with you. We have another month before the temps begin to go down and I sure am looking forward to that. Today I'm praying none of the hurricanes "out there" head this way. I hear the east coast waves are going to be good this weekend from one of the storms way out there. So, I guess this slowpoke better go get busy. Looks like rain.

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