Saturday, September 11, 2010

~ 50th Post ~
It's Saturday and that means Home & Garden Show
We headed out to the Home Show after a late breakfast. We went this time last year and it was much the same. This time, however, we are close to choosing some of the things represented at the Show today. On purpose we looked for shutter businesses, closet systems and landscape designers. All 3 of these things were addressed. We signed up for many of them to contact us and come out to 'measure' and give us estimates. One thing we were not looking for was an automatic bed! Yes, that's right. And, my goodness, it was comfortable. Adjust head of bed and foot of bed. Another model was Comfortair, which is what Howie likes. I guess you'd get used to "not" sleeping on your side, but I can just imagine how nice it'd feel NOT to wake up with numbness in both thighs. Fella says that is common when people are lying on pressure points. Oh yeah? Anyways, we're looking forward to the landscaping guy to come over. He does it 'all' too. His business 'will' do outdoor lighting in the landscape; including trees. I want to make it clear that I want a section for flower garden, ie, butterfly plants, and I also want a tabibuie tree. (sp?) We also liked this one dude who had a textured finish that goes on a concrete floor of the garage area. That was real nice. The base coat for the stucco began on Friday; they have to finish that yet. We now have THE color on the house and we're 'sizing it up', making sure it's exactly what WE WANT. We're trying to get used to it not being concrete grey. Peach darling is the color. We may have them do the 2 coats to follow in "sweet orange", a tad deeper. Time will tell. I can tell ya there sure is a LOT to think about. Can't wait to move in and have COMPANY !!!

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