Sunday, September 12, 2010

Painting has Begun
Good Heavens, it's HOT out. Dry and hardly any breeze at all. Howie has mowed the yard, has edged and now he's blowing stuff off. This is when I wish we had another mower and I could help him. He always says, "no, you are not going to mow..." So, I furnish him with plenty of water. I returned from church and he was already at work. I'm surprised there are more people out on the water today than there has been for several weekends. I ventured out on the patio early this morning and it was very still and muggy. Not so appealing, but I stayed put. Eventually a slight breeze picked up. I walked up the drive to pick up the Sunday paper. I had my camera with me and knew I'd be snapping a photo of our "peach darling" house. So far only half the house has the base coat; that's to be continued tomorrow. I'm going to post a partial picture with this post and you have my "permission" (ha) to chime in with your opinion. Two coats of regular paint will go on top of this base coat. Picture dark mahogany front doors and dark garage doors. The contrast will be fine, I hope. More photos will come this week as the painting is finished.

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