Friday, October 8, 2010

~ Boy with Goat ~
Off we went to Animal Kingdom on Wednesday morning. Little boy had no idea what neat things he'd be seeing. His grandma knew she's see some neat things cause she'd never been there. Grandma had a great time. Little boy's daddy was 'off' for a few days and the first day off was the most beautiful morning; with cool morning temps to go enjoy Disney World's offering of Animal Kingdom. The last thing we did was the 'petting zoo' and Caden loved it. He smiled, ran about and enjoyed the goats. Grandma stayed outside the fenced area so she could take pictures. Little boy's mama was taking photos and she got bunches too. Caden would come to where Grandma was outside the fence and there he would plant a kiss on Grandma. Not once but several times too. The real cute thing was when I said he could pet grandma too. He just patted my face so cute. We had one of the best times ever. Caden (little boy) even put his arms out several times so Grandma could hold him, or walk along and hold his hand. Next darn cute thing was watching him all full of excitement to see the animals, play with his daddy while sitting on his dad's shoulders, and last but not least, watching him eat his first lolly-pop. He was the happiest little guy all day long. I'll be ready to go back whenever you are, Caden! It's for sure all the grandkids will enjoy going there. Parents too. Thank you for asking me to join you guys.
Love, Grandma

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