Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Favorite Costume?
No pumpkin carving here. But, my 'kids' and wives are Pros at it when it comes to carving up a pumpkin. Their jack-o-lanterns are impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing their offering for this year. We'll be having a menu of chili and cornbread with the Ghouls over at Cyrilla. Nifty. I like being at the end of their driveway to hand out candy. My little grandsons are going to be so cute. I'm not quite sure what Caden is dressing up as; I think I forgot (?) The twins may be some crime fighter duo. I know they have shirts for the ones they each like. Baby girl should be a delicate flower of some sort, however, she too will surprise me. Ethan and Jacob assured me that the little ghosts hanging in their oak tree will not come after me, since they were "a project" and "not real". I was dutifully responsive with my scared jump upon seeing them. So was their Pop-Pop. I did have a favorite costume and I was in maybe 6th grade at the time. The year prior I played a part in a Thanksgiving play and I was a pilgrim. The next Halloween my Mom made me a witch hat complete with black straight hair made of yarn. We ate dinner out first that year over at Davis Bros. cafeteria in Marietta. Pat was dressed as an 'old man' with a good size belly. She even showed us she had put some "nuts" in the proper place. (yes, nuts as in nuts a squirrel would eat) I was "spiffy" but do not recall scaring one solid soul. In all the years the boys were going out Trick or Treating we tried to get together with the Cagg kids and we'd have chili for dinner at our house. Only ONCE in all the years in our other house did we have ONE trick-or-treater, and that'd be Joel Hammock. heh heh I bet Joel is taking his lil kids out on Halloween now. Does he have kids? I have no clue. I'm very GLAD that the weather is going to be COOLER this coming weekend, and RIGHTLY so. It is 91*F right now outside. TOO DARN HOT. Freaky weather.
- Be Safe -

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