Monday, March 14, 2011

Karen and John

John chose well.  How's that sentence grab ya?  I can remember like it was yesterday; the day we met Karen.  She was the balance to his life he had to have been looking for.  She was his Barbie to what we looked at as a certain KEN.  Now, the "we" I speak of is Jean and I.  We were the 'little sisters' and it was a big deal when our big brother came home with his girlfriend to introduce her to the FAMILY.  I'm having a personal reminiscing tonight because I'm very concerned about my brother John.  In turn that makes me concerned for Karen as well.  John is in the hospital north of Orlando.  I 'heard' he may be released tomorrow, but that remains to be seen.  He is to have a couple of tests tomorrow, IF they're not done before that time.  John is diabetic and it's caused problems with his heart and kidneys.  His doctors seem to be on task as far as helping him improve off and on.  Somehow his blood chemistry gets all fowled up every now and then.  Just like with Barbara, we keep John in our prayers for "keeping safe" and free of the issues that come along with diabetes.  I pray your days get stronger and healthier, dear John, and very soon.  

Jean giving John a kiss

John has a great sense of humor.  I think Jean and I have a similar wit.  He's always loved to laugh. I've missed 'hearing' his laughter over the past years.  And, "when we do" hear his laughter? It warms my heart.  He is a multi-talented man.  He learned photography at an early age. He went onto take courses in college that improved his knowledge about the inner workings of photography.  I can tell he has the mind about a camera that my other brother, Bud, has about the inner workings of cars; of the automobile engine.  I would love to know half of what John does about photography.  For example, I am not good at knowing what F stop to set, or what white balance is best.  I have bought many books on photography and one day I'll take an in depth class.  Meanwhile, we always said we'd leave early one morning and take photos at the protected seashore in the Titusville area.  We've not made it there.  I think John likes examining his photography equipment, reading up on them and then just like any collection, you revisit each item every now and then.  He has lots of lenses, many types of cameras and I think 'some filters'.  He challenged me not too long ago on "why" I use a filter on my lenses.  I learned in my photography groups that it PAYS to protect the investment we make in our lenses.  A filter has a two-fold purpose, however.  It adds and takes away what you desire from your photos you're going to shoot.  The bonus is keeping a 'glass' wall between the interior of your lens and the exterior.  Living in Florida just says...."sand, grit and dirt".  I choose to use a good glass filter on my lenses.

When we were kids, John took some black and white photos of Bill, Jean and I.  Mom too.  He made us his "subjects" for shooting candid portrait shots.  They look good today.  I guess because I wasn't born with any particular talent of creating, I find it easy to see something I like and then take a chance at "photographing" that same thing.  With a little luck (on my part) I can hope for the best case scenario. 

candid shot of our Mom - taken by John

I've always liked the photo above.  I'd bet it was taken in Rocky River because I've seen slides where she had on this type shirt.  Mom liked to smile for the camera but here she looks engrossed in a phone chat. Way back then I doubt staying on the phone for long was possible. We had a "party line" back then. IF we were caught picking up the phone, we would get fussed at.  I won't say I didn't do it, however.

Jan in Ohio holding a Tiny Tears doll

Yes, John took this photo.  It was taken in early 1950's.  We still lived in Cleveland.  I love how photos tell the stories of our lives.  Quite frankly, we don't have the photographs you'd think for such a big family.  Our family album would consist mainly of holiday events that brought out the cameras and light meter.  Oh, and the unforgettable flash bulbs.  Do you remember them?  Mom began to get the Kodak cameras in the late 1960's and she would take photos of her grandchildren and their parents.  The camera duty just floats around the family. More times than not any given number of cameras come out whenever we are having a family gathering.  We just share our photos and that works great.  So, Dad took lots of photos and slides; John did his share and Mom took hers.  I've been taking photos ever since I got out of high school.  When we got married and had children, I have not been without a camera that takes good photos.  I'm very happy to have entered the digital age some 10 years plus ago.
And, let me tell you, grandchildren make perfect little subjects.  Take your camera with you wherever you go.  It's fun to record life that way.  Add video to the equation and you'll have memories a plenty for all your hears to come.  I look forward to every photo OP I am offered, no matter where, and preferably with the grandchildren in them, other extended family and many friends.  With our new house almost done, I pray there'll be tons of chances to capture the FUN we're going to have in our home!  Anticipation is growing. My batteries are charged.  

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