Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rumbles and Relief

Rumbles? No, not thunder.  The rumbles refer to the activity going on in my belly. I've been prepping for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, which will take place early tomorrow morning.  Last time I felt it was a real easy prep.  This time it feels to me that it's a lot harsher.  Movi-Prep is NOT what you do to get ready to watch a movie.  However, the "move" part rings true.  Yeah, you figured that out.  This will be the 3rd time I've had these tests done.  I wasn't really due til April 2012 for these, but seeing as I visited my Dr. in January, he suggested "we" do the test a year early.  This is where I am tonight.  I must say I never have had a crampy bellyache. However, the feeling that someone lit a firecracker and located it "just so" may describe the aftermath of the prep.  I've got the alarm clock set for 5:15 a.m. tomorrow and we should leave a half hour before arrival in order to get there on time.  My test is scheduled for 7:15 a.m.

I'm a baby.  I am so thankful I have Jean. I've always had Jean.  Where one ends, the other one begins.  You can word that vice versa if you want.  Jean was on the phone with me while I was "exercising" the walk between my bathroom and my bedroom.  We were both recalling our "last" test (such as this).  We take it for granted sometimes that "WE" are "we" and have the other one to reach out to at any given moment.  We both were lamenting this afternoon about how MUCH we both miss our 'big sister', Barbara. Jean and I have each other to bounce the serious to the mundane off of.  We never feel like we're barging in on the other one's time.  We just KNOW we are there for the other.  There's a line of order that comes with being born.  It feels like it goes something like this.  Mother.  Father. Siblings - SISTERS in this case. So, when we first lost our Mom, we did what we do; turned to one another for comfort.  We also went the next level, turning to our 'big sister', Barbara.  It's just the order of relationships.  We were so blessed to have a big sis like Barbara.  She had alabaster skin and iron will.  Barb had more procedures than we can imagine, I'm sure.  Most often I'd find out some test she was scheduled to have either at the last minute or after the fact.  She had many surgical procedures. Let's see:  partial hysterectomy, back surgery, gall bladder surgery, open heart surgery, 5 defibrillators implanted and the first one had to be redone.  She had surgery to get her insulin pump.  I know I'm forgetting other things.  You get the picture.  I'd have wanted her by my side while I had something like those things done.  One time I remember having to go to the ER in N.C. with irregular heart rhythm.  She held my hand and while I was wound up, I could feel myself relax.  Even flying to Israel the first time, she held my hand and told me "relax and enjoy this..." (and I was pretty relaxed). She had the right idea.  Jean and I would hold hands on some flights to Philly some years back.  It's just a good feeling to hold a hand of someone you love and trust.  So, I thank both my sisters for always being there. Thanks Jean for the suggestions to eat or drink (all liquid mostly).  I could use a Popsicle right now.  But soon I'm going to shut out the light and get some sleep.  I love you so very much.  I can't wait for you to come down and let's get moving .... Just might have our C.O. a week from this Friday. Fantastic!! I'll go wake up Howie; he's asleep on the sofa.  Night. I'll call you on my way home from Dr. office.  XO  

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