Thursday, April 21, 2011

Polish the Shoes and Dye the Eggs


It was a big "ta-do" at our house prior to Easter Sunday.  Mostly I remember all the shoes that were polished the day before. Also Mom pressing our dresses; maybe "finishing" a new Easter dress for us.  I remember one Easter bonnet in particular.  It was a straw hat with black velvet trim.  Mom would make herself a snazzy new dress and also she often made Barbara a new dress. Mom had a lot of style when it came to picking out her patterns.  And I just wish I had a video of Mom laying out her pattern on the fabric; how she moved it around to 'save' fabric and yet still have it turned it the right direction.  Jean mentioned the other day how Aunt Tany was so talented in her art needle work talent.  Yes, Aunt Tany could also sew. She'd make skirts and tops to match.  The "Mackey" girls were well dressed.  I don't remember a lot about candy on Easter but, of course, we had some in our baskets.  One Easter I remember in Ohio when Jean and I got these "TALL" stuffed rabbits and there was an elastic band on their feet and you'd slip that band over our shoes.  Yes, we'd be dancing with a rabbit.  Crazy. I haven't seen one of those in all the "old toy" sections of antique stores.  That same Easter either Jean or I got sick.  I'm hoping I won't be sick this Easter, cause presently I don't feel good.  I have a low fever, body aches and maybe a sinus infection.  (I go  see Dr. tomorrow morning)  

It's always been fun to dye Easter eggs.  In Dallas I remember Dad bringing home a baby duck.  He was named Donald. (the duck, not daddy)  Bill, Jean and I can recall Mom giving the duck a small dish of green beans that were dressed in butter.  That poor duck.... his feet were going every which way.  He managed to get a few green beans, however.  Often we'd not even get all the dyed eggs eaten.  It worked better if I made egg salad.  

Hope you all have a blessed Easter. Back when I was younger I knew Easter had a "tie" with church, but wasn't real sure WHAT.  I cherish the DAY when it all came together and EASTER became REAL to me.  "We once were lost; but now are found.... was blind but now I See."  And even the new clothes on Easter?  It's like putting on the new YOU and getting rid of the OLD you.  There's a script ure about "throwing off the old man" (it refer to sinful man). Give a listen: 

Love and Happy Easter family.  We plan an Easster egg hunt with our 3 grandsons.  Ella just might be a little young.     XO

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