Friday, March 30, 2012

 "Making House"  or "Getting the Look you want"

It takes TIME, folks, to get your home decked out how you "see" it.  I've had an idea how I wanted to  use what we call the "nook" area and this is just about how I'd imagined it.  Some people might think I'm "taking too long" to get the job done! Well "pffffft" to you!  It's a rather large home and I want the look of relaxed living around here.  Immediately my 5 year old grandsons LIKED this new set-up in the Nook.  They saw a basket over in the corner by the window which had "their" books in it.  I saw Jake find his place on the settee, lying down, no less!  He remained there reading aloud.  It made me smile.

I found a style of indoor furniture at Pier 1 that I really liked.  You chose your pieces and then the cushions for the seating.  There were some back cushions but I didn't like the feel of them.  So, I let myself imagine I'd find something else I liked better.  Would you believe I had the perfect large pillows at home already?  They were Pottery Barn pillows I'd previously picked out to use elsewhere. Being that it's leather furniture, these large pillows did a "slip and slide" routine constantly.  I regretted purchasing them for the large leather seating area.  Liked them, mind you, but not in there ..... so much.  Now they have the perfect home for their best use. Yeah!

We had previously hung one of our Highwaymen paintings on that wall.  It just wasn't going to work now.  So, my "lightbulb" went off!  I'd purchased a "Key West style" original watercolor at an estate sale.  It was larger and a brighter frame, so I fetched it and we hung it where the present hooks were.  I'm undecided (sort of) as to whether we should lower the painting a few inches down.  I don't want a tall person to go knocking it down on themselves; hence causing injury.  Jim sat there and felt it was the right placement, since it was not in his way.  It may well remain right where it IS.

I opened our shade on the window to the right and was unable to take a photo that didn't show light glare.  I purchased (so far) one floor lamp.  I'm "trying it on for size".  I do like it there and might buy another one, since I envision this space for reading or have an area to talk away from the loud television.

I do like the break it inserts into the living area.  I have put a jute area rug just large enough to pull the furniture together.  I may keep my eye out for something with a touch more color, however, the jute seemed a good choice for the texture of the banana furniture.  It is mahogany wood framed furniture that is wrapped with natural banana leaves.  If someone should come over whom is wearing jersey or a knit, I may suggest they sit elsewhere.  However, I'm not the least bit worried about it.

I will say... the decorating aspect has been both FUN and exasperating. I set out to go LOOK for what will inspire me and often come home with zilch.  This home decor is 180* different from anything we ever had going in our other home.  Way different. But, I don't miss the former look one bit.

Placing this table along the edge of the rug sets the area off just right.  We have had this table since Howard's Mom let us have it.  It came from a furnished home they purchased for Howard's sister. An older couple from Canada left this table among the furnishings.  I'm very fond to it since the glass top comes off and can be used as a tray.  

Yeah, another project almost done.  Thanks for checking it out.  And, I'd love you to follow me by clicking on the Follow Me button or sign up to receive my Blog posts via email.  

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