Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daisies and Tulips, Roses and Gardenias


check out this gorgeously groomed lawn - Boonton Township, NJ

yes, you're seeing right - a white spider on a magnolia

grandson's sweet hand - feeling the hydrangea bloom

snapdragon plant - Winter Park


The MOST Beautiful Lawn & Flowers ever seen - Boonton Township, NJ

tree in bloom across street from my son's house in NJ

 think about it - HOW did God make these petals 2-tone?  Oh, right, He is GOD!

lantana in our back yard

vibrant Begonia

orange blossoms

wish I could add the scent of orange blossom for you

 bleeding heart - Boonton Township, NJ
the best neighbor anyone could ever have next door - YOU know who you are!!

The following photos are my grandsons Ethan and Jacob with their next door neighbor
in Boonton Township, NJ.  She and her husband are the BEST NEIGHBORS to be found.

These boys just loved spending time with she and her husband.

They have so much patience. She showed them how to plant these plants.

The boys Mom in this photo holding their new baby sister (at the time). It wasn't that long until they were packed and ready to move south.  The worst part of their moving was "leaving" their neighbors.

 The boys talk about her a lot.  And I talk about their neighbors to them.

here's Jacob watering down the plants...

and his brother Ethan doing his part

These roses grew on the other neighbor's house.

And a last look at their neighbor's lush green yard. I can say they are the closest we ever came to having an example of such a thoughtful caring neighbor.  Both of them have hearts of gold.
We LOVE you and MISS you a bunch.  COME ON DOWN !!!  


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